Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Photoshoot Yearbook

It was unforgettable moment. At Nov 25th ago, our class did photoshoot to our yearbook. For afternoon, our class took 80's theme with colorful costume. And for the night, we took travel night theme with a casual costume : shirt, jeans, and shoes. For afternoon photoshoot, there was no significant trouble. But, unfortunately in the night, rain came down hard. And, the rain is the biggest enemy of camera. And we canceled the photoshoot until the next day in the other place in the other time. It is wasn't travel night anymore, it was travel afternoon because we did a photoshoot after school at 4 p.m till sunset. It was been being so tired but it was fun. And this is some pictures that we took with a loan camera when the others team took pict :D
The First Shoot: With 80's theme
With 'him' : My fav Pict
Me:Amel, Anje, Lita, Rizka, Adin, Ida, Anggi

Stickers in My Wall

 I bought these from my friend. Just Rp 60.000 for these two.Of course, I bought the sticker of icon England, Big Ben Tower.Ya, I always dream to going to England. Yeah, i hope with that sticker in my room, it will be my motivate.

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